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“ZALP has helped us increase employee awareness in our referral program. Within first 3 months of launch our company saw a 56% increase in employee participation.”

- Penny Choedon, HR, Bard Access Systems

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    "ZALP has made our ERP a lot more efficient. Recruitment is now faster and easier. With ZALP there has been a tremendous increase in employee participation and the quality of referrals has improved. Not only has ZALP revolutionized our ERP but we have experienced top quality support services from...

    Zach Farley – HR Manager, Bard Access Systems, Inc.

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    "ZALP has transformed our employee referral program to give us 50% more referrals every month. Even the employees who have never made referrals before are now actively referring thanks to ZALP’s extremely user friendly interface."

    Arthur Raguette – EVP,Verdantis

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    "It is amazing how ZALP has automated our entire referral program. Not only has employee participation increased considerably but it has also resulted in our cost per hire and time to fill being reduced by over 30%."

    Amit Sharma – AVP, Zycus

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    “It is amazing how user friendly ZALP is. Ease of use is an important factor that contributes to employees adopting a new tool and ZALP scores a 10 on 10 in this area. Also, the degree of integration that ZALP provides with other systems drastically helps to manage the entire employee referral ...

    Morgan Hoogvelt – Managing Partner, Morgan HCM

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Employee Referral Tool Kit

This “Employee Referral Toolkit” has been designed by ZALP as a “best practice”
guide for running a successful employee referral program.

It is a compilation of a long list of high-impact action steps to be considered
for an employee referral program with proven results.



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