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The only focused employee referral booster

  • ZALP is the only recruiting software that single mindedly focuses on providing world class Social Employee Referral Solutions to organizations.
  • It is the first employee referral tool that combines the potent potential of social media to boost the employee referral output in organizations by directly increasing employee referral engagement among employees.

Seamless ATS Integration

  • ZALP can seamlessly integrate with your ATS. ZALP works in complete sync with every ATS such that your recruiters need not invest any time in managing different tools.

Custom branded interface

  • ZALP offers a complete custom branded interface specific to every organization. Your employees will always feel at home since ZALP works to be your own internal employee referral platform.

Results first. Payments Later

  • ZALP is the only employee referral solution to offer a ‘Pay after you see results’ option to clients whereby clients may opt to pay us after a quarter of having used ZALP. If you don’t see a visible increase in employee participation or an increase in the number of referrals received for every open position, you don’t pay us. Simple. No strings attached.

Seven easy and convenient ways to make referrals

  • ZALP is the only employee referral tool that gives employees not one but seven easy and convenient ways to make referrals and serves as the perfect interface between recruiters and employees.

Real time status tracking and notifications

  • ZALP is the only employee referral solutions software that has developed a Real Time status tracking and notification system so that employees are always kept updated on the status of their referrals.

Most social recruiting softwares try and address bits of too many problems and end up solving none. ZALP focuses on bringing you the best solution to boost your employee referral program and effortlessly succeeds at doing so.

Since ZALP gives you just what you need and nothing that you don’t it saves you from spending huge amounts on other elaborate and complicated solutions and instead perfectly fits in your budget while getting you 100% ROI

Being a SaaS based employee referral tool ZALP is extremely easy to deploy and does not require time consuming implementation processes.

Hire Great! Save Time! Save Cost!

Check out our features to know why ZALP is the preferred choice for most organizations ››

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