Key Features

  • Social Media Integration

    With ZALP, your employee referral program will be supercharged with the power of social media. This means that your employees can now effectively tap into their social media networks to find the best candidates for you in the shortest possible time.

    ZALP integrates with all the leading social media platforms thus helping you tap into 300 % more passive candidates each day through your internal employee networks!

  • Automated Notifications to Employees

    ZALP eliminates the need for any manual intervention involved in managing your employee referral program. Be it sending out job notifications to employees or letting them know about the status of the referral in the recruiting process, ZALP enables you to set up automated notification for every stage.

    The best part is that it gives you complete control on what notifications need to go out, whom they need to go to and how often they must be sent.

  • Recommended Matches

    ZALP’s intelligent matching technology enables employees to view the most relevant referral suggestions for jobs out of their own social network connections. The matches are recommended in the order of relevance so that you are introduced to the best fit candidates for each job.

  • Gamification

    ZALP enables you to add an element of gamification to your employee referral program to ensure that employees stay engaged and motivated in the program. With ZALP’s gamification module you can create an organization - wide leaderboard to recognize the efforts of your top performers.

    It also enables you to implement a micro reward strategy in your referral program. This means that employees can now be appraised for every action including sharing jobs on social media, sending you a referral lead and much more. ZALP also enables the use of innovative non -cash rewards to make sure you don’t over shoot your recruiting budget.

  • Analytics and Reporting

    ZALP’s intricately developed Analytics module enables you to track and monitor every aspect of your employee referral program. Detailed tracking of parameters like job views, opens, clicks etc. makes evaluation of your program extremely simple. Performance related data can also be pulled out specifically for each location, department, group etc. These reports can also be pre scheduled to directly reach your inbox!

  • ATS Integration

    ZALP works in complete synch with all leading applicant tracking systems thus eliminating the need for your recruiters to manage separate tools. With a dedicated team of integration specialists, we ensure the integration process is as smooth as can be.

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