Employee referral Software

Here’s a little about us

ZALP is the leading employee referral software that helps organizations increase their employee referral hires
and enhance the referral experience for recruiters, employees and candidates alike.

With ZALP’s advanced employee referral software, organizations can automate every aspect of their employee referral program right from importing jobs from their Applicant tracking system to managing the reward payouts thus helping them drastically save on time and efforts.

ZALP’s social media integrated technology enables organizations to tap into 300 % more passive candidates each day through their internal employee networks.

ZALP also enables organizations to leverage Gamification strategies in their referral program through its multi-level leaderboard feature.

ZALP’s live status tracking feature ensures that employees and candidates are kept updated on the status of their referral throughout the process.

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  • Benefits to organization
  • Benefits to recruiter
  • Benefits to employee

Benefits to organization

ZALP’s employee referral software helps organizations promote the culture of employee referrals in a top – down approach. By increasing hires through employee referrals, ZALP helps organizations bring in quality talent at lower costs thus directly contributing to positive bottom lines. ZALP also helps organization’s promote its culture to candidates through interactive videos, images, blogs and much more thus building its employer brand among potential candidates.

Benefits to recruiter

ZALP enables an end to end integration with an organization’s Applicant Tracking System thus eliminating the need for recruiters to manage two separate tools. ZALP eliminates the need for any manual work by recruiters to promote jobs to employees or manage incoming referrals. With every aspect being automated recruiters can sit back and see quality referrals pour in. Hiring has never been faster. Recruiters can even flag jobs as urgent, important, high priority and much more to attract the attention of employees. With all incoming referrals being systematically stored in a centralized repository, managing the referral process has never been simpler.

Benefits to employee

ZALP is one of the only employee referral software that gives employees not one but seven different and easy ways to make referrals. ZALP’s intelligent communication module ensures that employees only receive communication relevant to them thus increasing employee participation and response. ZALP gives employees multiple touch points to share open jobs with their connections thus making the referral process extremely simple. ZALP’s live status tracking feature ensures that employees are kept updated on the status of their referral throughout the process thus establishing transparency. ZALP has been repeatedly picked as the most user friendly tool by employees of global organizations.